Creating partnerships with companies and foundations
that share our mission and values is vitally important.

Companies can choose between various ways of collaboration

  • Fundraising among employees
  • Sponsorship
  • Financing of our projects
  • Donations of goods and services
  • Visibility in local or national media

Donating today is also advantageous because you can enjoy discounts. The companies, companies and all entities subject to the income tax of the IRES company (therefore also joint-stock and limited partnerships; limited liability companies; cooperatives; mutual insurance companies resident in the territory of the State and commercial entities) they can deduct from their total income donations (donations) in favor of Fonte di Speranza Onlus up to the limit of 10% of the total declared income and in any case to the maximum extent of € 70,000;
Ref .:

Business income holders may, as an alternative to the above, deduct liberal donations (donations) from their income in favor of Fonte di Speranza Onlus for an amount not exceeding € 30,000 or 2% of the declared business income . The reference is art.100, paragraph 2, lett. h) D.P.R. n. 917/86-Consolidated Law on Income Taxes.


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